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The Law Society's newsletter - Keep in Touch with the law - is the authoritative voice on developments in the law and legal practice in New South Wales and Australia.

It is published monthly from February to December, and its articles are packed with practical legal content, including analyses of recent legislation and cases.

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Keep in Touch with the Law: Issue 4, 2013


  • First Byte: ACCC wins by forfeit in the first unfair contract terms case
  • Owners corporations: A new approach to duty to repair and maintain
  • Intellectual property: Disputed territory - protecting domain names
  • Bullying at work: Commission warns against ‘excessive sensitivity’
  • Medical negligence: Doctor’s duty to warn
  • LinkedIn problems: Sacked for soliciting clients
  • Security interests: Register your security interests
  • Who counts as a parent?: Family Court holds conflicting views
  • Property: Many holiday-house lettings illegal
  • Social media: Money can’t buy my ‘Like’
  • Tax disputes: Alternative dispute resolution

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Keep in Touch with the Law: Issue 3, 2013


  • Social media: Loose tweets sink fleets
  • The good oil: New food standards
  • Personal injury: Liability for dangerous recreational activities
  • Family law: Relocating your child
  • Immigration law: Penalties for failure to ensure employees have correct work visas
  • Repudiation of contract: Duties and responsibilities as important as job title
  • Wills: Logging off for life
  • Unfair contract terms: Let the supplier beware
  • Workplace relations: Making an appearance
  • Exemption from land tax: Deciding on a principal placce of residence
  • Workers compensation: Window opens for lump sum claims

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Keep in Touch with the Law: Issue 2, 2013


  • BYO devices: The risks and trends
  • Privacy: Businesses need to be prepared for new laws
  • Raising the bar: Patents and intellectual property
  • Emails: Does your company own your CEO’s emails?
  • Family law: Changes to family violence definition
  • Are executors of wills entitled to be paid? Not as often as you’d think
  • Employment law: Restraining ex-employees from poaching clients
  • Mis-selling a lesson to banks and investors: Bank’s “cynical” awareness of risks “extraordinarily disturbing”
  • Sellers of land face GST bill: Sub-divided farm land not exempt
  • Changes to directors’ liability: Increased burden of proof in less serious environmental offences

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Keep in Touch with the Law: Issue 1, 2013


  • Family arrangements: Informal agreements pose hurdles when challenged
  • Time with grandkids: The special relationship of grandparents
  • Negotiating skills: Getting to ‘yes’ may need creative options
  • Qantas GST headache: What is a taxable supply?
  • Sacked for sending porn: Employee loses appeal
  • Motor Accidents: Opening the door to CTP claims
  • Recycling: When waste is not waste
  • Preparing wills: A gift halved by company taxes
  • Immigration: Not only punishment to fear
  • Superannuation: Make sure your death benefit nomination is valid
  • Cloud Computing: Managing disputes in the cloud

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