We know the importance to you of having an accurate understanding of our likely charges. When you ask us to act for you we will provide you with an agreement setting out our fees and the method of calculation.

Where possible, we will quote you a fixed price for our services. However, where the scope of work cannot be accurately determined at the outset we will advise you of the applicable hourly rate for doing that work and endeavour to give you an estimate of the cost of completing each stage of the work.

Over time we have developed a good feel for the likely cost of some of the more common transactions and court processes. We would be happy to discuss them with you when you contact us.

Current Hourly Rates (exclusive of GST)  
Partners and senior solicitors $350 - $450
Junior Solicitor $200 - $250
Paralegals $150 - $200
Fees for Common Transactions (exclusive of GST)  
Simple Will $457
2x Reciprocal Wills $575
Enduring Power of Attorney $110
Appointment of Enduring Guardian $110
Residential Contract Review No Charge *


* Free Contract Review

When looking for your new home or investment property, we will review draft contracts without charge. All we ask is that when you eventually identify a suitable property you ask us to act for you on your purchase.

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